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Diagnosed with cancer at 4 years old Ruthie underwent extensive surgery and follow-up cancer treatment. Her treatment was successful in ridding her body of cancer but it took a toll on her body.


Ruthie was a Crew Member before there was a Nā Peʻa program.  From the very first Nā Peʻa Sail Day, she displayed a bolt of energy that moved our program forward. Soft in her approach, yet unyielding in her values, she was intolerant of mediocrity but patiently supportive of those of us who experienced failure. 


While quick to identify weaknesses she was ever so quick and eager to be involved in finding and implementing solutions to those weaknesses. Small in stature but a giant in presence she would become a valuable Board of Director for the Nakoa Foundation.  As an adult, she continued to help organize our Nā Peʻa events. 

Our hearts ache for her Mother Charlene and her Dad Dan and for her older brother and sister.


Ruthie  was one of the very few people who, with just a GLANCE, could keep Uncle Kalani and Uncle Dale in line. Our hearts are heavy but our are lives so much fuller because of her. POINAOLE

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