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April 27, 2022

Application Period Closed

The Application Period for the 2022 Nā Peʻa Season has been closed early due to the large number of applicants.


Jan 15, 2022

Tsunami from Tonga makes close

encounter with Nā Peʻa Canoes at Kīholo

An underwater volcanic eruption in the Tongan islands sent a 3 ft Tsunami crashing into the Kona Coast.  Occuring during a high tide a tour boat shop at Keauhou Bay was damaged along with canoes stored at Kamakahonu in Kailua Kona.  At Kīholo the surge swept up to the bows of our canoes but caused no damage


Nov 21, 2021

Kīholo sail Day

Took two canoes out for a great day of sailing.