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Our He Hawaiʻi Au program provides cultural presentations, static displays, and actual short-day sails for schools or interested community groups at no charge.  For more information on how to schedule a presentation or canoe experience contact us here.

Nakoa Foundation Youth Seamanship Experience
             Feb 9, 2024


The Nakoa Foundation with its partnership with Eka Canoe Adventures held its first Youth Seamanship experience in 2024 with a day sail on Kinikini out of Keauhou Bay. Five Middle School students from the Innovations Charter School in Kona learned how to handle the dock lines and sail lines of Kinikini along with basic boat  handling skills. This was the first session of a multi session experience.

kini kaupulehu.JPG

Nakoa Foundation and Eka Canoe Adventures help with Coral Restoration at Kaūpulehu Oct 30 2023

On October 30, 2023, The Nature Conservancy, Hawai‘i  (TNC) and the Kaūpūlehu Marine Life Advisory Committee (KMLAC) launched Kanu Ko‘a (“Planting Corals”), the first community-led coral reef restoration project on the Island of Hawaii.

 Ko‘a pieces were brought to shore on waa Kinikini, a double-hulled canoe. Together, the team used specialized saws to cut the collected pieces into 1-inch fragments. Scuba divers transported the pieces back into the Bay and affixed them to the reef with epoxy. All work with ko‘a is being conducted under a Special Activities Permit with the State Division of Aquatic Resources.


Seamanship Apprentice Class October-November 2023

he hawaii au inovation eka.JPG
he hawaii au inovation eka 1.JPG

The Nakoa Foundation in Partnership with Eka Canoe Adventures held an 8-week Marine Career Explorations class with Middle school students of the Innovations Charter School.  Six students ages 12 to 15 years old learned the mechanics of small boat handling aboard the double-hull canoe Kinikini. Sailing out of Keauhou Bay students learned how to operate the crab claw sail along with how to maneuver the canoe using an outboard engine. They learned how to dock and tie up the canoe to the pier along with safely setting an anchor. They also experienced working a "dry dock". This was in addition to the practice of "Kilo". (Making detailed  weather and sea observations in preparation for their day sail. ) 


Aug 12 and 13, 2023  Pu'ukoholā National Park Cultural Festival in Kawaihae . Provided canoe rides for festival attendees off of Pelekane Beach.

inovations seamanship.jpg

Nakoa Foundation's Seamanship Apprenticeship Class  April-May 2023

 Five 12-15 year old Students from the Innovations Charter School completed an 8-week seamanship enrichment class aboard the double canoe Kinikini where students learned boat handling skills in both motorized operations and under sail.

inovations seamanship graduation may 2023.jpg

Kaloko Honokohau National Park
         Makahiki Festaval                                       November 17-18, 2022


Over 150 Fourth Grade Students from Kealakehe, Konawaena, and HPA attended the festival.  The canoe Moana from the Nā Peʻa program was on display.

Kiniki hosts Innovations Charter School on March 11, 2022

inovations school.JPG

Kinikini hosted 7 Eighth graders on a historical sail from Keauhou Bay to the Kuamoʻo Battle Field where the battle between Kuaokalaniʻs forces and Liholihoʻs forces fought over the overthrow of the Kapu system following the death of Kamehameha I.

Kinikini Hosts Students from  the Charter School Kokua Academy                                                    February 11, 2022

feb 22.jpg

Kinikini hosted 15 students from the Charter School Kokua Academy ranging in grade levels from Kindergarten to 6th Grade.  This excursion was part of their study of Oceans and the Maritime Industry.   The wind was moderate and sailing was excellent.  Sailing out of Keauhou Bay they were able to see a few whales breaching in the distance.

kua ka la logo.JPG

The Nakoa Foundation Teams up with the Kua O Ka Lā Public Chater School's, Hīpuʻu program, at Keauhou Bay  November 18, 2021

Nakoa Foundation hosted the Miloliʻi unit of the Kua O Ka Lā Hīpuʻu program at Keauhou Bay. The  24 attending students (ages between 6 and 16) learned about the environmental threats to Konaʻs shore line from Marine Biologist Lauren Nakoa. They also learned to weave coconut leaves and were taken out on a sea excursion on the double hulled canoe Kinikini where the History of Keauhou was explained along with the operational techniches of sailing a double hulled canoe.

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milolii keauhou 4.JPG
milolii keauhou.JPG
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kinikini hipuu 3.JPG
kinikini hipuu.JPG
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going home hawaii mission.JPG

Nakoa Foundation and Going Home Hawaii Hawaiian Canoe Class

April, 2021

The Nakoa Foundation provided a 10 hour  class over five days sharing the physical and cultural elements that make the Hawaiian Canoe Unique with clients of the Going Home Hawaii community re-integration program in Kona.

going home hawaii web site.JPG
going home hawaii mission.JPG

Nakoa Foundation and Going Home Hawaii Hawaiian Canoe Class

Nov 25, Dec 2,9,16-2020

The Nakoa Foundation provided a 10 hour  class over four days sharing the physical and cultural elements that make the Hawaiian Canoe Unique with clients of the Going Home Hawaii community re-integration program in Kona.

jakes diver locker.png

Jackʻs Diving Locker and Nakoa Foundation teamed up for Covid-19 school enrichment program.

Sept 6, 2020

The Nakoa Foundation teamed up with Jackʻs Diving Locker under a County of Hawaii grant obtained by the Makanai Kai Foundation of Kona to provide student activities between September and December 2020 in response to the reduced school hours due to Covid 19.  Students attended training sessions onboard Hawaiian Double canoe Kinikini and catamaran Noanoa to explored the ocean and lands between Kailua and Keauhou in Kona.  Each session was 5 days long and open free of charge to 8 to 18 year olds.

shout out canoe video.JPG

Nā Peʻa produces video on

What makes a canoe Hawaiian

July 4, 2020

Nā Peʻa crew member Nikko Allen narrated

a video on the unique features of the Hawaiian Canoe

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