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The Nakoa Foundation is an IRS recognized 501 c 3 non-profit, dedicated to promoting Social Tolerance and Environmental Responsibility through the perpetuation of cultural traditions and practices associated with the Traditional Hawaiian Canoe.

All programs sponsored by the Nakoa Foundation are free of charge to participants.

PO Box 4887
Kailua-Kona Hi. 96745

Our Programs


Nā Peʻa is a longer term, multi-session youth program for Middle School and High School Students where leadership and group organizational skills are taught along with the history, cultural values, and operational skills used with the traditional  Hawaiian Sailing Canoe.


He Hawaiʻi  Au provides short-term, single-session presentations to both community groups and schools on the history, cultural values, practices, and operation of the traditional Hawaiian Canoe.

About Us
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He Makeʻe Waʻa is a research and curriculum development initiative that supports our program. Our curriculum is available at

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