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Program Goals

The goals of the Nā Pe'a program are designed to create a Hawaiian Cultural presence and sense of kuleana to "place" and cultural traditions by the following:


1) Perpetuate the culture and epistemology (how we teach and learn) of the traditional Hawaiian Sailing Canoe.


2) Develop youth leadership through canoe sailing, navigation, teamwork, communication, decision-making, ocean safety skills, environmental and social responsibility.

3) Honor the history of Hawaiʻi by learning the place names of the various land divisions on the island and the stories of the wahi pana that we visit.

4) Perpetuate the values and traditions of Hawaiian Voyaging.


5) Develop interest of participants to set career and vocational goals in the field of environmental sciences, agriculture and community development.


Core Values

ALOHA:  To share one's Ha (breath of

           life/soul) on a spiritual level


MAHALO: An appriciative state of mind


MĀLAMA: To care for by becoming ma'a 

             (totally familiar with) so that 

              care can be conducted with 

              lama or wisdom


PONO:  To be balanced and do the 

               right thing


KŌKUA: To do the right thing at the                                        right time for the right reason

           and to do it without being asked. 


KULEANA: Right, responsibility, liability 

             obligation. With every right 

             comes a responsibility.


HAʻAHAʻA: Modest, unpretentious, humble.


LŌKAHI: To become one. To bring what 

            appears to be contrasting 

            elements together to form a 

            functioning whole.


AHONUI: Many breaths, to tolerate,

            patience, to allow things to

            become aligned before acting


MANAWANUI: Much time, patience, 

                 perseverance, steadfast

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