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2023 Gallery Of Events

Costal Voyage Puakō to Kīholo July 5 to 8


Left Puakō boat ramp at 6AM July 5 with a very strong following wind.  Ran into a head wind near Honokaope and had to tack all the way to Kapalaoa.  Sailed out to Keawaiki early July 6 with moderate Kehau and then Eka Winds. Arrived at Kīholo on July 7 with a strong following wind.  We were met by our families on July 8 for lunch.

June 24 Kīholo Day Sail

Screenshot 2023-06-26 205341.jpg

Un-rigged canoes and loaded them on our trailer in preperation for our Coastal Sail

June 10 Kīholo Day Sail

Screenshot 2023-06-10 221111.png

Practiced steering, hull balance and sail handling.

May 27, Day Sail At Kīholo

album cover p.jpg

Practiced steering, hull balance and sail handling.

May 13, Day Sail At Kīholo

cover photo gallery.jpg

Practiced steering, hull balance and sail handling.

May 11,  Public Testimony

 Nā Peʻa Crew Members testified in favor of expanding the Pacific Marine Sanctuary

na pea testimoney.jpg
marine sacnturey.jpg

April 22, Day Sail At Kīholo

album photo cover.jpg

Practiced doing the Kuaʻiako rigging then setting sail in light Eaka wind.  Also practiced steering.

March 25, Day Sail At Kholo

albm cover.jpg

Re-rigged the ama, and practiced setting up the Pou and Pe'a. Then set sail getting real-life experience in the Kuleana of each canoe seat assignment.  Great wind, great sail

March 11,12,13,14 Spring Break Orientation

Screenshot 2023-03-13 124647.jpg

On The first day, we had a Canoe orientation, canoe clean up and canoe storage area clean up.  On the second day, we went into the Kilo Process, Canoe part names, and Paddle making. On the third day, we had First Aid, CPR and defibrillator training.  On the fourth day we completed our paddles and then put our canoes into the water

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