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Nakoa Foundation

The Nakoa Foundation is dedicated to the perpetuation of cultural traditions, values and practices associated with the Traditional Hawaiian Canoe.   Our  Nā Peʻa and He Hawaiʻi Au educational programs are designed to create a visible Hawaiian presence in our community that maintains those values and perpetuates our Hawaiian Cultural identity.

Nā Peʻa

Nā Peʻa is a youth program sponsored by the Nakoa Foundation  which seeks to instill a sense of social and environmental responsibility by perpetuating the traditions and practices of the traditional Hawaiian Sailing Canoe 

He Hawai'i Au

He Hawaiʻi Au program provides cultural presentations, static displays, and actual short-day sails for schools, community groups, or just interested people

He Makeʻe Waʻa

He Makeʻe Waʻa is a research and curriculum development initiative that supports our programs. Our curriculum is available at

Nakoa Foundation programs are run by
Volunteers. Donations are used to maintain our canoes and buy supplies for our program participants.

All Nakoa Foundation programs are free of charge and made possible by donations from people like you.

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