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Anaeho'omalu to Kiholo 4 night 5 day Sail.

June 10, 2016

Na Pe'a started out the voyage early Monday morning by rigging our canoes at the Lava Lava Beach club at Anaeho'omalu.  A big Mahalo to  Uncle Eric von-Platen-Luder who arranged for us to rig our canoes on the side lawn of the Lava Lava Beach Blub.  We headed out under some strong wind conditions and landed at AkahuKaimu bay where we spent the night.  Launching early Tuesday morning we set out for Keawaiki with extreamly windy conditions.  In fact we expected to paddle to Keawaiki  but the wind was so strong it blew us on our way at a sustained 3 knots-----with no sails----.  Another Mahalo to the very gracious Brown Family that hosted us at Keawaiki.  Early Wednesday morning we set sail under ideal sailing conditions for Kiholo.  We were hosted by the Nature Conservancy and Aloha Kiholo.  Much Mahalo to Aunty Rebecca Most and  Aunty Lei Kekealani and her family who so graciously hosted us.  We worked in the Loko 'i'a removing rocks and tree branches from the pond, learned about the management of the fish pond and the history of the area.  Went sailing, surfing, swimming and ate a whole lot.  A very big Mahalo to our Na Pe'a Parents who came out in force to support us with food, tents, water and most of all.....Aloha.

Making Connections with Kumu Keala May 15

May 15, 2016

We were very fortunate to spend the morning with Kumu Keala Ching. We asked him to help us connect a bit deeper with the world around us, with our oli, and with ourselves. 

Real Big day,,, we elected our new Jr. Board of Directors, learned how to use a UHF radio then set sail for Kamakahonu.  The wind  was  perfect starting out with Hauliuli then increasing to Nao then  droping back to Hauliuli when arriving at Kamakahonu.  We ate lunch on the sea droping our sails out side of La'aloa and floating for about half an hour. The whole trip....3 hrs...

Day Sail April 17

April 17, 2016

Worked on our paddles a little bit more, reviewed the Hawaiian names for the parts of the canoe and discussed the Na Pe'a Core Values and how they fit into our lives.  We launched Ha'uli'uli, our double and the new National Park Trail Association caone and went for a sail.  Wind was great.   We did  practice raising and lower the sail while on the water. It was a new challenge. We then had lunch on board Kinikini, went for a swim and then we were done.

Started out from Nahulili walking along the shore line to Lekeleke where we met Unclle Nainoa. Had lunch then hiked to Kuamo'o where Aunty Kamuela explained the future of the Historical Site. Mahalo to Uncle Rick and Aunty Mandy of the Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail for guiding us on this hike.

March 21, 2016

We began our 5 day retreat with Jr. Life Saving training and started work on our paddles. All crew members completed the 4 day Red Cross Certified course in First Aid, Defibrillator and Junior Life Saving.

Na Pe'a Welcomes 12 new crew members

March 13, 2016

The Na Pe'a program welcomed 12 new crew members during this Orientation Day.  After introductions we went over the place names of Keauhou,  introduced members to the Na Pe'a Oli, did a swim test swimming from Nahulili to Kailiilinehe.  We then launched three of our canoes and went for a one hour sail.  

Hikianalia at Kawaihae

March 05, 2016

Na Pe'a participated in the Ocean Fest held at Kawaihae to celebrate the arrival of Hikianalia.  The Na Pe'a crew gave people attending the event rides on our canoe Maile.  Photos by Charlene Mersburgh  Mahalo...

Na Pe'a Rigs and Blesses National Park's New Canoe

February 20, 2016

Un-scheduled Event: Na Pe'a was invited to rig and then to bless the Kaloko-Honokohau National Park's new canoe Aimakapa.  Na Pe'a also particiapting in the Closing Ceremony for the Makahiki Season.  As part of the days festivities, Na Pe'a took Park Visitors on short canoe rides on our new double canoe.

Na Pe'a Open House

January 30, 2016

The Na Pe'a open house was held at Ka'ili'ilinehe at Keauhou Bay.  This provided those interested in joining the Na Pe'a program the chance to meet our current crew members, check out our canoes and go for a sail.   While the wind was light, we did get a little sailing in.

Na Pe'a Closing For 2015 Season

The 2015 Closing was held December 11 and 12.  One of the highlights of the event was the test run of our new double canoe.

Aneho'omalu to Kiholo Destination Sail 2015

On October 8th, Na Pe'a set sail  from Anaeho'omalu and sailed South to Keawaiki.  We were hosted by the Brown Family at Keawaiki.   Setting sail on October 9th we experienced strong shifting winds but made it to Kiholo safely.  We unrigged our canoes at Kiholo and trailered them back to Keauhou.

Launching of our new canoe Ha'uli'uli 2015

After rigging our new fiberglass canoe, Ha'uli'uli, we took her out for the cermonial blessing and Ho'okupu...In the pouring rain.

Makalawena Destination Sail 2015

Our destination sail to Makalawena began at Aiopio at Honokoau.  We spent the night at Makalawena then sailed back to Mahaiula where we took our canoes out, loaded them onto the trailer and returned to Keauhou

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